Jan 25,2015

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Happy New Year!  Now you can see that things really ARE moving along.

We were honored to have Mr. Dean Dinning from Toad the Wet Sprocket lay down some bass last week. He’s coming in again to bring more magic to the album in the weeks to come.  I have written 14 songs for this album ! It’s a lot of music to produce.  I know you are wondering WHEN you will hear something. I am trying to decide if I will release just one song or a video of song clips.  If I do just one song…what one? Ugh.  Not easy.  I can say we have some amazing stuff coming up in the next week. World famous cellist Lynn Harrell is playing on a song, and I’m hoping I can get the great Glen Phillips to grace a song with some backup vocals.

I’ve raised $7500 so far, from your kind contributions.  AND…I’m going to be perfectly honest with you and say..I absolutely need to, HAVE  TO make that 10k goal and likely beyond.  Hopefully the release of some of the new material will inspire more contributions.  I know nobody has heard anything yet, and that $7500 was donated on pure faith in my ability to release a great album.  Amazing. Thank you for that.

So keep tuning in here.  And please check out my blog for a more detailed journey on the making of the album and my life in general.

Much Love and can’t wait to share some music!!!


Cory Sipper Songs.  Free for your listening pleasure! Please note, these are NOT from the new album, but rather from previous albums and television use.  As soon as we have new tracks, we will post them here. 


“The Refuge”


“Sweet Arrangement”