Dec 1, 2104
Hi All! We are picking up some speed with the album recording.  Had a great time recording all the piano tracks at the beautiful Santa Barbara Sound Design last week and will be starting to put down final vocal tracks and guitars on some songs in the coming weeks as well as tracking more drums, bass and more!  I am still seeking contributions to finish this album.  Every donation adds up and helps us keep forward momentum.  I am still just a bit beyond the $6000 mark, I still need to raise at least $4000 more to complete the album and get it into your hands.  Thanks for your support!!!!! xoxox


Cory Sipper Songs.  Free for your listening pleasure! Please note, these are NOT from the new album, but rather from previous albums and television use.  As soon as we have new tracks, we will post them here. 


“The Refuge”


“Sweet Arrangement”