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Awesome news everyone! I am pre-releasing three songs this month off my new album “Make Your Magic.”

These songs will be released on my Bandcamp page.  The first one “Wild Heart” is already up there and you can listen to it right now!

We are over halfway finished recording the album, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  However, it has been a more time consuming and expensive process that I first expected.  I have raised the first 10K, and now I need to raise another 10K in order to finish recording the album, master it, and manufacture it.  If you have already contributed to the making of this album, thank you so much.  If you’re interested in making a contribution, that would be fantastic.  I know I’m going to get there one way or another it’s just a matter of time.  (Check out the “rewards” on the right side of this page if you’re interested in making a donation.)

In the meantime take a listen to “Wild Heart.”  Two more songs will be posted to my bandcamp page in the next couple weeks in the hopes of raising awareness that my crowd-funding isn’t over!!!

Click here to listen to a new song on my album!



Cory Sipper Songs.  Free for your listening pleasure! Please note, these are NOT from the new album, but rather from previous albums and television use.  As soon as we have new tracks, we will post them here. 


“The Refuge”


“Sweet Arrangement”